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Creative Developer & Engineering Team Lead

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Effective Engineering Leadership


Being an effective Engineering Team Lead is a challenging but rewarding role that requires a unique set of skills and abilities. An effective Engineering Team Lead is not just a technical expert…

Charlotte Skinner
Charlotte Skinner

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Hello again

It's been a while..

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Handy Web Resources

I wanted to write a post about the handy web resources that I have found useful since I started learning to code..

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From Science Technician to Coder

I'm published! Big thanks to The Learning People and We Are Tech Women for allowing me to share my journey into the tech world!

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An Update on 2018

Updates on what i've been up to the last 6 months..

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Imposter Syndrome

People have visions of coding life to be full of innovation, daily wins and inspiration - and some days are! But there are other days when you just feel like hibernating until it all blows over..

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Maintaining a work-life balance

In this blog post I wanted to tell you about my first few months as a developer, and discuss how to maintain a work/life balance when you are starting out..

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First day as a Junior Software Developer

So I have just had my first day as a Junior Software Developer, and it surpassed all expectations! This is a run-down of how the day went..

Junior DeveloperDevelopment
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Junior Software Developer

My first developer job

Junior DeveloperDevelopment